The Port Costa School served the community of Port Costa from 1911 until it was closed in 1966 due to consolidation.  The building's architecture is Classic Revival, with four columns supporting a gabled portico.  The building was purchased from the John Swett Unified School District in 1988 by the Port Costa Conservation Society (PCCS), an all-volunteer non-profit organization.  Since then, thousands of hours have been spent restoring and repairing the building.

First, emergency supports were set to keep the sagging roof from caving in.  During storms, barrels were used to collect rainwater, emptied out bucket by bucket.  Temporary patches were made to the aging roof to keep the building as dry as possible.  Then, step-by-step improvements were made to make the building strong once again.  In 1998, ceilings were stripped of lath and plaster for repair of broken ceiling joists, and roof trusses were reinforced with plywood shear.  To top it off, a new roof was installed in 2000.

Due to severe storms and flooding in 1995 that undermined the building, damaged concrete floors were jackhammered and replaced.  The building's back wall was straightened, tightened up with steel rods and reinforced with shotcrete.  Brand new wheelchair-accessible restrooms were installed in compliance with ADA standards through County CDBG and Crockett Community Foundation grants.

The restoration of the Port Costa School building is a continuing job.  In 2003, after being boarded up for years, twenty new windows, frames and all, were installed in the auditorium.  In another big job, the renovated main skylight was completed in 2005 with the installation of new ceiling glass.

The skylight transmits light to the ground floor hallway through glass-block flooring, an energy-efficient design in 1911.  Both of these projects were funded by the Crockett Community Foundation.

Most recently, construction was completed on a 700-foot storm drain around the school building.  Projects in the near future include new doors, a long-awaited paint job, and the installation of a handicap-accessible elevator.

All construction on the school is in compliance with County building codes.  Professional work is done by qualified contractors.  Routine labor, demolition and cleanup are done by volunteers.  The Port Costa School is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  All construction work is monitored by the State Historic Preservation Office.

To make these improvements, the PCCS depends on dedicated volunteers, fund raisers (Port Costa Talent Show, Car Show and Art Show), memberships, grants and individual donations from friends and neighbors.

We are grateful for generous support from the Clare and Gordon Johnson Trust, the Crockett Community Foundation, The Woodbury Foundation, County Community Development Block Grants, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, TXI Pacific Materials, The Slipstream Foundation, ConocoPhillips, RGM and Associates, Charles Schwab, The Clorox Company Foundation, Chevron-Texaco and the Crockett Lions Club.

Thank you all for your support!

Port Costa Conservation Society

P. O. Box 36,

Port Costa, CA  94569-0036