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2021 Retirement of Board Member Ridge Greene

Ridge Greene, consultant, and advisor to the Board

Although he retired from active board membership in 2021, Ridge continues to play an important role with the Port Costa Conservation Society (PCCS). Ridge joined the board in the mid-1980s before the Society assumed ownership and responsibility for the Port Costa School in 1988. He was primary in saving the historic but physically neglected and dilapidated building then and has continued as PCCS Chair to lead restoration efforts up to the present. A Senior Project Manager and licensed general contractor for RGM Kramer Inc., and a skilled carpenter, Ridge’s experience has been an asset in planning and oversight of construction work for the Society. He is also well versed in State Historic Preservation Office requirements, highly valuable in view of the historic status of the Port Costa School.

On November 9, 2021, U.S. Congressional Representative Mike Thompson presented Ridge with a Congressional Record Statement. This was to honor Ridge's many years of service to the community of Port Costa and to the Port Costa Conservation Society, for the restoration of the historic town school, and for his work for environmental causes including one of the first sustainable recycling programs in Northern California. Rep. Thompson read the Statement to Ridge on the steps of the Port Costa School.

Click here for a short clip of that presentation.


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