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Port Costa

Community Garden 


We set out to create a social environment where individuals and families could enjoy and learn from growing their own nutritious organic food. Now that the structure of the garden is complete and plants are taking root we look forward to watching and learning form that process.   


Many bonds were formed during the sometimes back breaking work it took to build this garden and none of it would have been possible without the overwhelming support we received from our community. More than 47 individuals from six different cities reached out to help create this garden project. Involvement ranged from loaning us equipment to spending countless hours onsite building. More than half of the individuals involved were from outside of Port Costa, most of which were Crockett residents. This Garden Project has helped to change the perceived notion that Port Costa is an exclusive asset. The PCCS works very hard to provide our resources to all of our surrounding communities. The achievement of gaining so many new members is a measurable success we are happy to report.  

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